Queen’s University Library selects PeopleWhere

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Queen’s University Library selects PeopleWhere

After reviewing a number of different solutions, Queen’s University Library staff selected PeopleWhere to facilitate staff scheduling.  In its initial phase, the system will be used to help schedule student staff at various campus library locations.  Primarily a manual task currently, the Web-based solution will move all scheduling tasks to the Internet, allowing students and staff easy access to any browser.  Important to the decision was the fact that PeopleWhere is developed here in Canada, but also that it can be installed on premises.  While it is offered as a hosted option, it was important to the Library that they be able to purchase it and host it on their own University servers.  Additionally, the Library needed to transition from a homegrown attendance module.  After defining specifications in connection with Library staff we developed a new module in PeopleWhere that will allow students to inform the system of when they’ve arrived and when they are leaving.  This information is then included in reports.  And lastly, the Library also felt that our product reflected well library-specific needs, and that our company understood well library culture.  We are thankful for the chance to work with this University’s wonderful team.

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