NovelBranch is coming to the Innisfil Recreation Complex

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NovelBranch is coming to the Innisfil Recreation Complex

With diverse communities spread across a large geography, the Innisfil Public Library and its four amazing branches can’t reach everyone.  This is where NovelBranch fits into the Library’s outreach plans. Locations like the very busy Innisfil Recreation Complex do not have a branch nearby.  So, it seemed clear to staff that it would be a perfect location for a self-service library.   Because it is a joint use facility by the YMCA and municipality, obtaining consensus for the Library to install NovelBranch was needed.  Recognized not just locally but also provincially as a forward thinking community, particularly following the launch of the Library’s successful IdeaLab, consensus was thankfully not too difficult to obtain.   NovelBranch will communicate directly to the Library’s Evergreen management system to authenticate patron cards and update circulation holdings in real time.  While NovelBranch is designed to handle both check-ins and checkouts without any staff intervention, staff nonetheless plan to be present for its first couple of weeks as this will afford them an excellent opportunity to sign up new library members and further reinforce the various activities and events the Library offers.  NovelBranch is expected to be unveiled at the IRC in February.

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