Ayla Staff RFID Station

Convergent Library Technologies

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Check-out, check-in, renew and program RFID tags seamlessly with Ayla software and RFID hardware.

The Ayla RFID Staff Station consists of RFID reader hardware and related circulation control and RFID tag conversion software.

Reading RFID-tagged material and transmitting item identification information to and from a library management system is easy and straightforward for the support of check-out, check-in and item query activities.  Programmable shortcuts create an efficient workflow.

Transition smoothly from barcode to RFID

The intuitive conversion software makes it easy to write item ID information to RFID tag memory, allowing staff to effectively and quickly RFID tag an item that previously only had a barcode.  The software and hardware reader is capable of reading, writing and interpreting a variety of data models, so you can be assured of consistent data encoding.


Precision reading, superior speed and performance

Our integrated RFID reader hardware (also referred to as Pad Antenna) can remain on the desktop or mounted under the desk to save space. It communicates seamlessly with most library management systems.  It detects and transmits item IDs for multiple items placed simultaneously. Being shielded ensures that it reads only items directly placed on it, which prevents false readings and interference.  This also adds precision in detecting tags within a stack of material. Further there is no detuning of the antenna when installing on metal or conductive material which means our RFID hardware could be used in what normally would be considered unsuitable environments.  And its anti-collision function enables simultaneous reading of up to 30 transponders per second providing superior speed and performance.


Small footprint, modern design

The RFID reader hardware takes up little space measuring only 376 x 276 x 27mm (LxBxH).  It is sleek in design with its acrylic black top.  Our hardware integrates an HF Mid Range Reader  with a transmitting power of 1.5 W. and a read range in excess of 30 cm.  It includes one LED (optical light) to indicate current operation status.

Available as a workstation package or with our RFID Starter Kit

The Ayla RFID Station is sold on its own and is also available as part of our RFID Starter Kit which is sold, as the name suggests, as a starter package to help a Library RFID tag a small collection of items quickly and easily.