Security Gates

Convergent Library Technologies

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Item Detection and People Counting

Your Library’s collection is a valued community asset.  To protect these library resources, we offer a selection of security gate models to deter against theft as well as to prevent unintended item removal.  From compact entrances to expansive openings, we can configure our system to meet your requirements. 

Elegant design

Our systems are designed to blend into your library while maintaining the open character of your building.   They can be configured to support multiple aisles easily.

Staff alerts for unauthorized item removal

The gates work independently and do not need to communicate with a host connection in order to identify RFID tags with an active alarm.  This reduces the risk of circumventing the system.  All gates can detect EAS or AFI alarms.   Staff can be alerted by instant light and sound alarms for any unauthorized material removal and our software captures relevant data, displaying it live on staff screens.

Optimized for detection

Our system offers automatic tuning of the antennas and detection rates tested in accordance with ISO 18046-4 to ensure optimal performance and reliability.   They use HF technology, operate at the standard operating frequency of 13.56 MHz, and are fully compatible with all relevant industry standards.   No matter what the orientation with which the items are being carried out of the Library, these systems are optimized for detection.

Integrated people counter

Our system has an integrated radar people counter which will track people flowing in and out of the Library, as well as patron occupancy in the Library.  It automatically counts people separately based on the direction of entry and with the included Gate Controller software/People Counter software, you can access these detailed statistics easily.

Reliable manufacturer

Manufactured by FEIG, our security gates are the most installed system in the world and have been trusted by libraries for decades in securing their collection.  The software can be connected into our central management software system and reporting software giving you access to enterprise wide statistics in one-place.