Holds-To-Go Lockers

Convergent Library Technologies

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Ensuring safe and secure storage for patron-reserved items, our Holds-to-go kiosk is an automated self-service holds pick up collection point that provides superior locker space for varying material and reservation sizes.

24/7 Convenient Access

Our Holds-to-go locker kiosk enables your Library to provide a round-the-clock service to patrons desiring a quick and convenient way to pick up the material they’ve placed on hold in the Library’s ILS.

The base model includes the main kiosk control technology components including the touchscreen, scanner, PC, receipt printer and in a standard configuration, 20 individual single sized storage compartments.  This base model configuration can be modified to include medium and large storage compartments.  This change just reduces the overall number of compartments available.

Modular in design, the system can be extended in the future through additional modules to meet increased demand at any point.  Holds-to-go can be configured with multiple modules of varying compartment sizes to meet high demand at your Main location for example, and a single module to provide convenient after-hours pick up at smaller branch locations.

Where can it be installed?

Holds-to-go can be placed inside or outside a facility. Ideally it is located where it can optimally expand the Library’s service reach, in a community hub such as a train station, hospital or community center where it will enhance access and be convenient for your patrons to regularly use.  It can also be installed as an after-hours pick-up point and located at a branch.   Its solid design allows it to be placed in external conditions.  To protect the kiosk against extreme weather conditions (and for user comfort!), we do recommend installing it under a roof or a large overhang.

How does it work?

The unit requires power and a network connection to communicate with your ILS in real time as well as for its ongoing management and administration.   It can be accessed remotely for support and reporting.

Library staff bring hold items directly to the locker, and allocate them to a compartment, one at a time.  The item is placed in and the door is closed. If a hold item for the same patron is already present in another compartment, the relevant door will automatically open so that all items intended for one specific patron can be assembled together.  Now that the item(s) are ready for pick-up, the system communicates via SIP2 to the ILS which in turn notifies the patron that their holds are ready for them.

To retrieve their hold, patrons simply scan their card; and the system opens the relevant compartment door for them to collect their material. Once the door is closed, the transaction is concluded and the material gets checked out to the patron.  In the event that a patron does have material in more than one compartment, the onscreen instructions will notify them and prompt them to collect the items in the additional compartment.


Holds-to go is offered in variety of colors like Antique Bronze, Black, Dark Bronze, Gold spec, Pastel Grey, Sandstone, Silver Speck and White.  White is recommended for full graphic wraps while the other color options are recommended for vinyl cut graphics and for emphasizing brand/corporate colors.