Sorter: Compact

Convergent Library Technologies

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Handling, sorting and redistributing materials should not form the core activity of staff. These transaction-based activities while in some cases, quite complex can be automated. And automated smartly so you do reduce the impacts of repetitive tasks on staff , so you do extend service hours easily and efficiently, so you can let your patrons control the return of their material when they want.

In small spaces, several factors are really important to a successful implementation: scale, appearance and noise. Sorters do come in different sizes. To fit efficiently into a small footprint, our Compact sorter is both powerful, smartly designed for maximum efficiency in a small package, and is both stylish and quiet.

Available in 3- and 5-bin options. It is cost-efficient, is low on power consumption, and is so quiet it can be installed in a public area. It is our “out-of-the-box” sorter and can be installed and put into operation quickly.