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Automate Your Manual Activities with Market-Leading Library Sorting Solutions.

Your Library can significantly improve circulation with the latest generation in Automated Material Handling Systems.  All of our sortation solutions are sustainable and modular.  The components can be configured and reconfigured to your current and changing requirements.  Our system provides fast, accurate, and highly reliable quality to increase efficiency and performance to libraries whether it be a single facility or a large central sorting and distribution centre.  The most compact of our solutions is a single-bin system that combines two system components (patron induction and the Sort Mate™ system) with a single sort trolley destination bin.

Immediate Check-in greatly enhances circulation turnaround time

Immediate check-in of returns by library customers makes sure that popular materials reach the next customer as fast as possible. Quick turnaround results in holds being fulfilled faster and reduces need for multiple copies of high demand items, which in turn helps your acquisition budget!

Single-bin Conveyor Checkin system

By using our unique “smart book drop” Conveyor-Checkin system, you can achieve near 100% RFID check in for locations with limited space, where you want to offer a book drop that automatically checks in items.  It updates the library management system in real time and works basically as a 1-bin AMH system without the sorting to multiple bins.  The benefit is more about the instantaneous circulation transaction for patrons and less about sorting material.

Items are placed through the return slot either one at a time or in bulk.  The conveyor controls the items as they pass over the reading surface ensuring a high read rate.  Items are then dropped into the waiting bin.


Step-up to three bins

By stepping up to three bins and adding a Library Mate™ you add the value of interactive self-service returns with sorting items meaningfully into destinations such as Holds, Returns and Exceptions. The same software that powers our larger AMH systems, also powers our smallest systems giving you the same configuration flexibility and ease of use to change for example, sort tables on-the-fly and monitor the system remotely.

Staff time can be focused on transformational activities

At the heart of every Library is people: staff and customers.  While certain transactions in the library can provide great opportunities for customer engagement, others have lower value.  By reducing the amount of time staff require to handle returns and holds, you not only provide more opportunities for staff to focus on higher value activities that build library users for life, but you also reduce the physical stress of lifting materials and staff absences due to workplace injuries.