Lyra Self Check Station

Convergent Library Technologies

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Our Lyra Self-Check kiosk is specifically designed with special attention being paid to appearance; the design is light, slim, and elegant.  All hardware is integrated into the furniture, including the large 19” touchscreen, printer and RFID Antenna in our free standing kiosk model.


The design places emphasis on usability and ergonomics for users, as well as maintainability and ease of service for the library staff.  Lyra comes in both standalone kiosk and table top models.


Both models lend themselves easily to graphic wraps or vinyl decals reflecting the Library’s branding.  A silent fan-less PC unit and power supply places Lyra amongst the industry’s quietest self-service kiosks, an important consideration when being installed in large, high-ceiling spaces as some library entrances and foyers are.


The Lyra Self-Check kiosk is designed for barcode and RFID-enabled collections.  It communicates to the ILS via SIP2 and can read traditional library card barcodes, key fob barcodes as well as smartphone barcodes.  The barcode reader is mounted on a fully positional bracket that covers the whole reading area.  The kiosk is also equipped with a RFID reader and antenna to read RFID tagged material, allowing patrons to process multiple RFID-tagged items simultaneously.