TekLender Kiosk

Convergent Library Technologies

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This is the most versatile, self-service library lending system on the market today. Our unique, locker-style, multi-purpose lending kiosk allows customers to securely borrow technology devices, kits, headphones, or anything else that can fit in the generously sized lockers.

Protect your Technology Investment

If you’ve invested in technology and equipment for patrons to borrow, then you’ve made a significant investment. They are valuable assets worthy of storing and lending safely. Users must be authenticated before any items are loaned out. Authentication can be made against your library management system via SIP2. Other authentication options for university and college environments are available too. Different card scanning technologies are also supported from barcode to RFID. Our system is complete self-service to users, and centrally managed via the Web for staff administrators.

Highly configurable to meet your needs

TekLender supports up to three different locker sizes to meet your requirements and can be ordered in a large variety of colours. It can be configured with as few as 12 lockers expanding easily to support 50+ lockers. It’s electronic door locks and modern hinge design combined with its contemporary sleek aesthetic allows it to easily fit in within current styles of architecture and interior design. The Kiosk is easy to use and ergonomic for most users with no locker being too high or too low for users. It is available with a stand for configurations with one or two bays and is wall-mounted when configured for three bays or more.

Easy to borrow, easy to return

Once authenticated, a user simple selects from the screen the product they wish to borrow. The unlocking system can use both light and sound to identify the locker “dispensing” the selected item. The locker door will open automatically and once closed the item is checked out against the library database. Returning is equally simple, with an added feature, the user can report any anomalies or damage. This information is then transfered to staff. The system is administered remotely, and allows you to manage virtually an unlimited number of kiosks. Staff can easily see transaction history and usage statistics.