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Integrating forms of self service payment into a seamless solution is just one of the unique features of EnvisionWare eCommerce Services™. Patrons can pay fines inside the library using a credit card; stored value: smart and debit (stored value) cards; cash: into a coin/bill acceptor; or account using the Authentication and Accounting Module (AAM). Outside the library, all but cash and stored value payments are supported. What’s unique in the EnvisionWare solution is the ability to use any of these forms of payment for printing, copying, and fines/fee payment. Several sole solution methods are under development but EnvisionWare brings you the comprehensive solution in their unique Next Generation design.

It’s important to note that eCommerce Services is a set of stand-alone modules. Other EnvisionWare print, copy, or other management components are not required. However, adding eCommerce Services to EnvisionWare OneStop Self-check systems provides an integrated multi-payment fine/fee payment solution.

Credit card processing can be supported on a broad array of processors prevalent in North America. Additional processors for other countries are under development.

You customize the implementation, the look, language (in Unicode), and behavior or you can purchase this as an optional Professional Service – but all the set-up will be included in our comprehensive service package

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