Print Management

Convergent Library Technologies

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Our Print Management solution provides complete control over print, copy, and scan. Our solution is easily configured and fits efficiently into libraries of any size regardless of environment, platform and MFD/printer make and model.

It is a forward-thinking, well architected solution that completes our comprehensive suite of offerings which includes PC booking, mobile printing with Library PrintSpot and our Simple Scanner solution.

Fully Integrated Solution

Our solution integrates with PC Booking to provide a seamless experience to Library users, with Library PrintSpot to provide a consistent print release experience to mobile printing customers, with our Simple Scanner solution for the scan-to-print feature and with our Print Payment Kiosk to facilitate self-service print release and payment.

Browser Based Administration

Print Management provides “out-of-the-box” browser-based administration access from any network location enabling centralized management of every user and device. The administrator’s Dashboard is an easy-to-read single page view of the printing environment. It displays a variety of gadgets to present real time information such as system activity and status updates, along with trend information and statistics from past activity such as number of pages printed and environmental impact measures. From this Dashboard you monitor all output devices and print pay stations.

Easy to Use

Our solution uses Windows Print, which is easy for patrons to navigate. There is on-screen confirmation detailing print job (including cost and number of pages) to clearly advise patrons of what they are sending giving them the option to commit or cancel. There are no issues printing a variety of formatted documents including pdf. Because our solution is centrally managed, print jobs can be released from really anywhere.

Mobile Printing Support with Your Own Library PrintSpot

Meet your customer’s demand to support printing from their own devices with our integrated cloud-based mobile printing service. They do not need set up a printer or install a print driver. They can submit multiple files in one transaction by mobile app, email or web upload. They use their library card number to submit and retrieve print jobs securely. The mobile app supports all types of devices and intuitively guides users through selecting where and what they want to print. Your Library PrintSpot web portal, branded with your logo, enables users to drag and drop files easily and clearly identifies upfront the long list of supported file types. Email submission is equally simple with the individual email addresses clearly differentiating which jobs will be printed in colour versus black and white. All print jobs are submitted to the central print management system from which they can be released in the same manner as if you they had been submitted from a Library-owned PC.

Detailed Reporting & Alerts

Print Management includes a large breadth of reports, over 50 one-click options available for online viewing, printing or export. You can report on all areas including detailed page counts by device and environmental impact. Administrators can schedule reports to be emailed to specific people in your organization on a regular basis. Automatic alerts can be defined to notify staff when device is offline or low on toner.

Secure Print Release

Print jobs can be released from a staff-managed station, or from a self-service release station to which a payment control device can be affixed. Payment methods supported include coin-only, coin/bill, coin/bill and credit/debit, as well as just credit/debit for those who wish to go “tap” only. The release station software can be implemented on a stand-alone PC or as an integrated all-in-one system with touchscreen embedded with the payment control device. The print jobs are held in a global virtual print queue enabling them to be printed from any compatible release station. This eliminates waste, improves document security and reduces significantly overhead historically associated with the IT administration of numerous print drivers and queues.

Copy, Print, Scan, Pay

When space is at a premium the convergence of many activities into one solution can be an important asset. If you are still using MFDs (multi functional copy print devices) we can bring together both copy and print payment into one common device. If you are looking to move away from traditional copiers, then look to our Simple Scanner kiosk solution to provide your scan-to-print (copy) functionality but also a multitude of other scan-to output options. Our Simple Scanner integrates with our Print Management system to ensure that scan-to-print documents and images are sent to the centralized print queue for release via the same consistent release and pay methods.