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The AMHS system can sort books and other material to different types of containers. These may be a normal Sorting Bin, Ergo Trolley or an Index Tote system. The sorting bin is the most commonly used container that is easy to use with a wide range of materials. Ergo trolleys are best when used with material that has a fast circulation time. Index Tote with its totes/crates is the best solution for material that is to be transferred to another library. Smart Trolley

Sorting Bin

The sorting bin can carry approximately 200 items at once ( average item size of 16x21x2.5cm). The capacity varies depending on the size of the material. If the AMHS system is 3-way sorting and the return frequency is about 600 items per hour, then the changing frequency for the bins is roughly one hour. Sorting bins can be changed without stopping the machine. When there is no sorting bin in a sorting position, the material that is supposed to go to the bin will be diverted to the overflow bin.

Smart Trolley

The newest generation of Smart Trolley is designed to improve library staff ergonomics, workflow and the material handling process. The Smart Trolley is used in conjunction with the Libretto material handling system or as a stand alone product. Smart Trolley is ergonomic to handle and maneuver with an easy to use height adjustable handlebar and large lockable rubber castors.

Index tote

Index tote is a small lift for a Sorting module. It is used to fill transportation crates used by a library. The automation implemented in the Index tote helps library staff in handling the crates. Normally an Index tote can stack three crates on top of each other next to the sorting module from where they are easy to move aside to wait for transportation. This system improves the logistics between libraries as the library staff does not need to touch the material at all. Index tote with its crates is fit for all kinds material.


AMHS Sorting

Smart Trolley