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The Automated Material Handling System (AMHS) is built from modules, each having a different function in the system. By choosing the right modules, the AMHS system can be designed to fill the exact needs of a library. The modular structure also allows the system to be reconfigured at a later time, for example by adding sorting modules or inlets. AMHS Modules

Inlet module

Inlet Module is the core module of an AMHS system. This module automatically returns the material that the patron feeds into the AMHS so that the material is registered as returned to the library systems database. Normally the Inlet Module is the only part of the AMHS system that is visible to the patron. Patrons use the Inlet Module from a touch screen that guides the patron as the check in event progresses.

Inlet Module can be integrated into an outer wall with a 24h-hatch system. With this option the AMHS can be used outside the library’s opening hours. Inlet Module is also available as a specialized staff inlet version or as a smaller staff version, Staff Compact.

Staff feed module – Staff Compact

Staff Compact is a new option for the traditional staff inlet module. This Staff Compact is extremely compact in size and has electronically controlled adjustable height. This makes it very space-efficient in the library and much more pleasant and ergonomic for the library staff to use.

Sorting Module

A Sorting Module moves the material through the system to either Ergo trolleys, sort bins or totes. A Sorting Module has two conveyor systems, conveyor bands to move the material forward in the AMHS system and conveyor rollers to drop the material to the sorting position on either side of the sort module.

Turning table

The Turning table is a unit placed before the sorting modules in the AMHS system. The purpose of the turning table is to turn the books the right way around so that they can be sorted into Ergo-trolleys. Back of the book needs to be in correct direction because it usually contains the books name and library specific department and shelf codes that help the library staff in recognizing the material.

Conveyer module

A Conveyor Module is used to move material from the inlet module to the sorting modules. Conveyors are used in multi-inlet setups for spacing the inlets, as well as managing the device footprint in a library. The Shortest conveyor module can be 500 mm long and the longest at 1200 mm.

Curve Conveyer

A Curve conveyor can be used when there is a need for an angle of a certain degree, typically when the AMHS system needs to be adjusted to a wall or just to make turning a 90 degree corner easier. The main function of a Curve Conveyor is to move material to sorting modules. The Smallest angle for a curve conveyor is 5 degrees.


AMHS Modules