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Our Simple Scanner solution is a comprehensive intuitive high speed scanning solution perfect for any user. It can scan, save and send your documents and photos practically anywhere, guiding the user clearly throughout the entire process. It is a purpose-built technology designed to be a forward- thinking, exceptional scanning service. With a small footprint, Simple Scanner can be implemented just about anywhere.  And it now comes with Translation Services.

High Speed Scanning To

A wide range of devices and applications: Smartphone, email, Google Drive, USB, Printer, Fax, Network, FTP, Tablet and more.

Save Scanned Items As

Any number of different formats including a wide range of PDF format types, JPEG, Word, PNG, TIFF and more.

Automatic Editing Capabilities

Simple Scanner can auto-crop, auto-straighten and auto-orient every scanned page, eliminating the hassle of rescanning pages or manually editing files after scanning. These time saving and user friendly features make this a technology for all ages, enabling all users to be self-sufficient thereby reducing need for staff intervention.

Translate your documents into other languages

Bring a new, unique service to your users by adding our Translation Service subscription package to your Simple Scanner purchase.  This feature allows users to translate documents from text-to-text into up to 60 languages, or from text-to-audio into up to 25 languages.  Providing your constituents whether they be newcomers or international students, or patrons with accessibility needs, with the means through a simple to use kiosk (with a multilingual interface!) to better communicate, understand and interact is a phenomenal opportunity.

Flat bed LED Scanner and automatic Duplex Sheetfed scanner

Our flatbed scanner easily scans documents, photos, books up to 11″ X 17″.  It’s hard edge makes it easier to align bound items.  Our one pass, automatic DUPLEX sheetfed scanner makes the job of scanning large multi-page scans or faxes quick and efficient.

Privacy Assured

Scanned documents and photos are safe and secure, as all scanned items and email addresses are automatically deleted after each use.

Usage Reports

Detailed usage statistics are provided for billing reconciliation on charged services, and to assist in workflow and deployment strategies.


Full coverage warranty for 1 year on hardware & software from installation date, which includes any updates that become available. Defective units are replaced via an “advanced exchange program” in order to minimize downtime, providing assurance that is second to none.