Holds Pick-up Kiosk

Convergent Library Technologies

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Our Holds locker kiosk is an automated self-service holds pick up collection point. It ensures safe and secure storage for patron-reserved items and provides superior locker space for varying material and reservation sizes.

Easy for Staff and Patrons

Our Holds Locker kiosk is easy for staff and patrons alike to use. Library staff can remotely allocate material to lockers through its loaning application. Once scanned, the item is assigned a locker, a receipt is printed with a barcode and the item is ready to be loaded into its bay. At the kiosk, staff simply scan the barcode which will automatically unlock the correct locker, place the item(s) in and close the door. Patrons simply scan their card, confirm on-screen the items that have been reserved for them and the locker opens for them to collect their material. Once the locker door closes the transaction is concluded and the items are checked out to the patron.

Real Time Circulation Status Updates

Our Holds kiosk communicates with your ILS in real-time through SIP2 ensuring that circulation status information is updated immediately.

Marketing Leading Configuration

The main module includes a 19” waterproof screen and a 3D imaging scanner to read patron barcodes but also smartphones which are increasingly being used by patrons to store their library identification. Our main module comes with an industry leading 9 lockers. Our lockers are also larger allowing more items to be allocated to patrons. Attached to the main module are side locker units fitted with 14 lockers. Combined our standard configuration of one main module with one side locker will give you 65% more capacity than any other option on the market. You can configure up to 102 lockers and we have a unique Return bin unit (which include 7 lockers) making it simple to provide a seamless service point for Holds pick-up and drop-off.

Solid Design

Offered in a variety of colours, including LED backlighting colour options, our Holds kiosk has a thermostatically controlled temperature management system. It also meets all required safety standards and is fully CE, UL Certified. Its solid design does allow it to be positioned in external conditions. And its robust internal mechanisms are second to none. The unit can be accessed remotely for support and reporting.